Rick O’Hare

Campus Life Director, [email protected]

 Accepted Jesus into his life during his freshman year in college, while awaiting trial on a felony charge.

Married to Becky and they have six children:  their oldest son is married and living in East Asia, Hannah (Speech Therapist, married to Aaron who is a Middle School Ministry Director and they have one son, Davis), Micah (Inner City High School Math Teacher in Memphis, married to Virginia), Isaac (in the Fellows program in Memphis, TN), Eliza (student @ UNC) and Joshua (high school student).

Lived in Greensboro since 7th grade. Received a B.S. in Bus Admin in 1976 from UNC, where he was also a varsity swimmer

Came to Greensboro YFC in 1978.  Member of Westover Church.

Really enjoys doing things with his family. Enjoys challenging activities, such as riding a bicycle to the beach with family and YFC students, taking groups of teens to Managua, Nicaragua, in the summer, and participating in other outside activities/camps with teens.  Especially loves the beach!!

  • In Rick's own words: “Even though I didn’t know Him at the time, I now realize how gracious God was to me growing up.  I was brought up in an alcoholic home, but God blessed me with abilities in swimming and academics, and surrounded me with people to help me overcome my obstacles.  I just wasn’t bright enough to realize it was Him providing!  God got my attention when I was 18 and awaiting trial for a felony.  He brought people into my life to tell me about and show me the love of Jesus.  I am so excited that perhaps I can be that person in some teens’ lives now, and to help develop them into the kind of servant who can reach out in Christian love to make a difference in the lives of their peers.”