Traveon McNeil

Traveon McNeil, City Life Director

Traveon McNeil was groomed from a young age for the mission of  Christ. However, it wasn’t until his freshman year of college that he began to take ownership and fulfill that calling. Traveon married his wife Megan, in 2017 after meeting her at a college bible study in 2013. Traveon has worked in the education field and youth programming in parks and recreation. Traveon has also served in the local church as a Creative Pastor. With that background Traveon brings the experience of an educator and all of their different methods for instruction and student relations to Youth for Christ. He hopes to utilize this experience to nurture the development of many students that God will bring him into contact with. Whether it is a short or lengthy interaction, he understands the importance and weight one relational conversation can have on another’s life and will pour it all into every interaction he has with the students. 

  •  In Traveons’s own words: “How we see things greatly impacts how we respond. As a person who spent time in the North Carolina Public Schools, I’ve grown to appreciate seeing those perspectives grow and change. No perspective is more correct, than that of our Lord and Savior and I believe that changing the perspective of the believer and the non-believer is key to their growth and intensity to which they yield their lives to Christ.”